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Ana's Fashion Services

Ana's photoAna Fataccioli, is a former engineer who later graduated as a fashion designer, majoring in Patternmaking and Garment technology.  Having cultivated her skills globally, studying in Peru, Brazil, Italy and Australia, she has over 35 years of experience in every aspect of patternmaking and garment construction. After many years as a designer, Ana decided to share her passion with other by opening Brisbane’s first Dressmaking school in 1996, The Sewing Workshop™. Nineteen years later, Ana has educated over 3,800 students in all aspects of sewing, fitting and patternmaking.  Ana personally teaches most of the courses and now is supported by industry trained professional teachers.

Ana is the Owner and Director of the Dressmaking and Alteration business Alter to Fit© which has been in operation since 2005 at Mt Gravatt, offering Dressmaking and Clothing Alterations from Jeans to bridal. Assisted by her staff whom she has personally trained, Alter to Fit has satisfied thousands of customers during the years. Their regular customers are a testament of their exceptional work and excellence customer service.

Over the years, her expertise became widely spread, and from her dressmaking services various clients were coming to her for patternmaking and grading, using traditional methods.  With much repeat business and demand stemmed her new entrepreneurial business The Patternmaking Studio, offering Patternmaking and Grading Services with both traditional methods and technologically advanced digital patterns.  Ana’s solid background and experience are the backbone of The Patternmaking Studio. We now have a national customer base, and cater to various types of garment design.

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Ana's Rag Dolls: BAMBOLINAS ©

Ana’s hobby is and always has been making dolls. At 17 she was making dolls and selling to shops. She still enjoys making them, and now with more refined skills, she has improved them by combining the arts of sewing, painting and embroidery, all by hand, in her “spare time”. This is her hobby.

Ana named her dolls : ‘BAMBOLINAS’©, an Italian word with a touch of Spanish flare, meaning “Little Dolls”. BAMBOLINAS © are made individually by hand, using patterns made by Ana. The dolls are very well designed, with a lot of thought regarding the balance of the fabrics, texture, colours, dresses, hairstyle, trims and even details like shoelaces.

BAMBOLINAS dolls are unique, one of a kind. No dolls are the same, each one has its own name and character. Their faces are painted and embroidered by hand. Each one is a piece of art indeed. Ana is always being asked, "how long takes her to make a doll ?" . She replies : “maybe 6,7, 8 hours…. I don’t count the time or calculate the cost of making them, as long as they come out as pretty as possible”, she also says : ”My Bambolinas are made with love, hopping that, whoever owns them, love and take care of them”.